Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research

The  establishment  of  the  Office  of  the  DVC-ship   Research  involved  the  merging  of  the Directorates  of Research (DR) and Public Services (DPS), with the DPS being re-organised  and renamed   as  Directorate   of  Knowledge   Exchange   (DKE).   Since   its  establishment,  more developments have taken place including the proposed establishment of the University  of Dares Salaam  Innovation  and Entrepreneurship Center (UDIEC)  by bringing  together  in one unit all units that deal with innovation  and entrepreneurship development. The publishing  section of the Dar es Salaam University Press (DUP) has also been shifted to the Office of the DVC- Research. These structural  changes are aimed at enhancing  the operational  and strategic capabilities  of the University  of Dar es Salaam  and as such  call for the re-organization of the Office  of DVC- Research.

The  proposed  organization   structure  of  the  DVC-Research Office  involves  3  Directorates: Research and Publication, Public Services, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In the proposed set-up,  Senior  Administrative Officer,  System  Administrator and Intellectual  Property  Rights (IPR)  manager  shall  assist  the functions  of the office  of DVC-Research. The  IPR  Manager assisted by the IP-Professional shall be responsible  for all technical  and legal aspects that come from research, publication,  innovation and entrepreneurship at the UDSM.

The Director  of Research  and Publication  shall be assisted  by Senior  Administrative Officers, Programme Coordinators, Publishing Manager and Unit Research Coordinators through the Head of Units. The Publishing  Manager  will be assisted by three Heads of sections (Editing,  Design and Typesetting,  and Production)  in overseeing  all matters pertaining to UDSM publications.

The Director  of Public Services  shall be assisted  by the Deputy Director  who shall also be the University  Consultancy  Bureau (UCB) Manager.  The UCB manager  shall be assisted  by three Heads  of Sections  (Continuing  Education,  Consultancy, and  Outreach  and  Promotion).  The Heads of Sections will be responsible  for Unit Public Service Coordinators through the Heads of Units.

The Director  of Innovation  and Entrepreneurship will head  the new Directorate  and shall  be assisted by the Deputy Director. The Deputy Director shall also be the Manager of UDIEC. All innovation and entrepreneurship units at UDSM shall work under one umbrella of UDIEC.

The Organizational Structure  of the Office  of DVC Research  presented  above  allows  for the formation  of participatory organs  which  can aid the decision-making processes  in all matters related   to  research,   publication,   public   service,   innovation   and   entrepreneurship.  These participatory organs  are  Senate  Research  and  Knowledge   Exchange  Committee   (SRKEC), Consultancy, Outreach and Public Service Advisory (COPSA) Board, Management Committee, Publication  Committee,  Research Ethics Committee  and Intellectual  Property Committee.