Postgraduate Courses

The school offers four postgraduate programmes:

  1. MSc in Fisheries & Aquaculture by coursework and dissertation (2 years)
  2. MSc in Aquatic Science by thesis only (2 and years)
  3. PhD in Aquatic Science by thesis only (3 years)
  4. PhD in Aquatic Sciences by coursework and dissertation (4 years)


Master of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture

1. Introduction

The programme consists of two parts: course work (Part I) and dissertation (Part II), extending over a period of two academic years (24 months) distributed into four semesters of full-time attendance from the date of registration. The first two semesters in the first year are spent on course work, with final examinations at the end of each semester, while the second year is devoted to dissertation work. During the second semester of the first year, students are required to develop research proposals detailing the theoretical background and methodology, as a preparation for dissertation work.


The minimum number of credits for graduation is 192, of which 144 are for coursework and 48 for dissertation. Of the coursework credits, each student is required to take 104 credits from core courses and a minimum of 40 credits from elective courses. Completing a course is defined as obtaining a B grade or higher than that. A student must pass both the course work and dissertation to qualify for the degree award.


2. Entry Qualifications

Admission into the programme will be in accordance with the University of Dar es Salaam regulations regarding postgraduate studies. To be eligible for admission to the programme, the applicant should have a first degree (BSc in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Zoology, Marine Biology, and Aquatic Environmental Sciences) from a recognized institution. Admission may also be based on equivalent qualifications.