Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Financial Services

Programme Type : Undergraduate Programme Duration : 3 Years Academic Unit : University of Dar es Salaam Business School

Full Time


Direct Entry: Two or more principal level passes in all Commercial, Science and Arts combinations except Religious Studies. In addition, one must have at least a Subsidiary pass in Mathematics at ACSEE or a grade of ‘C’ or better at CSEE. Preferential consideration will be accorded to applicants with passes in commercial based subjects in the event of a tie Equivalent Entry: (a)      Ordinary Diploma of not less than Upper Second class standing, approved by the UDSM Senate. The grade in Statistics, Mathematics or Quantitative Methods in the Diploma should be ‘C’ or better or at least a ‘C’ in Mathematics at CSEE. (b) No classification is required for Advanced Diploma. The grade in Statistics, Quantitative Methods or Business Mathematics in the Advanced Diploma should be ‘C’ or better or a grade of ‘C’ or better in Mathematics at CSE