The QAB is responsible for the overall management of Quality assurance activities at UDSM. 

The functions of QAB are as follows:

  1. Develop, strategize, promote and oversee the implementation of  the quality assurance policy and its functions within and outside the University;
  2. Ensuring that set performance standards in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant;
  3. Developing and periodically updating general operational manuals, quality assurance tools, and internal procedures to guide university-level QA operations, as well as instruments for use in internal assessment and evaluations;
  4. Monitoring/implementation of quality assurance activities in all units as per the set standards;
  5. Providing advice and guidance to implementation units on the execution of QA activities;
  6. Coordination of internal self-evaluation of quality assurance systems;
  7. Analysis of all QA reports and identification of issues arising from them for the attention of the management at departmental, faculty/school, college and university levels;
  8. Facilitation of external evaluation of UDSM and its academic programmes and administrative units;
  9. Provision of external evaluation results to Management and units;
  10. Monitoring of implementation of internal and external evaluation recommendations;
  11. Synthesis of topical QA matters in higher education (arising from debates and practices in the regional and global contexts) and updating the university community and Management accordingly;
  12. Updating the VC on the functioning of the UDSM QA system and on the overall quality status of the University;
  13. Linking UDSM with national, regional and international standards and professional bodies and agencies in QA matters;
  14. Linking UDSM with the industry on matters related to the quality assurance in its various functions of the University; and perform any other duties related to quality assurance as shall be determined by the Board.