About DRP

The DRP is responsible for  fostering attractive environment for research activities at UDSM. The Directorate of Research and Publication is accountable for overall coordination and monitoring of the quality and perfomance of research endevours at the University.

Functions and Services:

Specifically, the DRP is in charge of the following:

  1. Facilitate communication of all matters regarding Research and Publication activities to UDSM units;
  2. Facilitate creation and maintenance of interdisciplinary research groups and centres both internally and externally;
  3. Facilitate engagement, creation and maintenance of collaborative research links with industry, other research institutions, local donors, and foreign donors in a proactive way;
  4. Guide the activities with respect to Research and Publication by setting goals and standards, by supporting initiatives and new directions in these areas;
  5. Ensure transmission and implementation of decisions made by University organs;
  6. Liase with government departments, private and public sector organisations, donor agencies and education institutions on issues related to Research and Publication; and
  7. Promote research and publication culture to UDSM staff and students.