Welcome Note

Research and development is critical to national development in increasing productivity, improving livelihoods and stimulating economic growth. The Directorate of Research and Publication (DRP) strives to provide an environment for research activities that stimulates the competitive advantage for Tanzania economic growth. Our core functions include facilitating communication with stakeholders; creating and maintaining interdisciplinary research groups, research centres and professorial research chairs; facilitating research engagement; and creating and maintaining collaborative research links with industry, research institutions, local and foreign donors.

DRP implements its Five-Year Rolling Strategic Action Plan 2020/2021 - 2024/2025 to guide the Directorate in the execution of its activities towards realization of the UDSM Vision 2061. The Action Plan highlights DRP strategic objectives in response to UDSM Strategic Plan including to enhance research governance and management; prioritizes research agenda implementation; enhances research information management; strengthens research culture and competencies; strengthens the research infrastructure; and ensures sustainable research funding.                                               

It is thus my pleasure to welcome you to visit the Website of the Directorate to get acquainted with a mix of information in respect of our functions, services and products. I hope you will find the information more interesting and helpful. By using this website, DRP is assured to be connected to its clients and stakeholders. We welcome you to share with us any noticed gaps that can be addressed for even more quality products and services.

We warmly welcome you all.

Dr. Mussa I. Mgwatu

Director of Research and Publication.