Mr Nanai Emmanuel


  1. Name:                   Nanai Emmanuel
  2. Sex:                      Male
  3. Designation:         Assistant Lecturer
  4. Department:         Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies
  5. Contacts:

         Postal address:       University of Dar es Salaam,

                                         School of Education,

                                         P.O.Box 35048,

                                         Dar es Salaam – Tanzania


           Visiting address:    University of Dar es Salaam,

                                          Changanyikeni Road,

                                           School of Education Building,

                                           Office number 306


            Mobile phone (s):  +255 (0) 769-820-253/+255 (0) 719-902-474

            Udsm email address:

            Personal email:


6.  Area of Interest:  Language teaching and learning, language in education policy, second   

                              language teacher education, language teacher professional 

                              development, language materials development, language assessment  

                              and language curriculum designing and development.


7.  Academic and professional roles:

  • Carries out lectures, seminars, tutorials and practicals for undergraduate programmes
  • Sets, invigilates and marks undergraduate examinations
  • Assists senior staff in lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practicals for postgraduate programmes
  • Supervises projects and practical training/teaching practice for undergraduate students
  • Conducts research and publishes results
  • Carries out consultancy and public service
  • Undergoes postgraduate training to PhD level




8.  Educational and professional history:

  • Master of Education in Language education (MED LED), University of Dar es Salaam, P.O. Box 35091 DSM, 17th October, 2016 to 29th May, 2019.
  • Bachelor Arts with Education (BAED), University of Dar es Salaam, P.O. Box 35091 DSM, October, 2011 to November, 2014.
  • A-Levels (ACSEE): History, Geography & English language (HGL) combination at Kigonsera secondary school, Ruvuma region, April, 2009 to February, 2011.
  • O-Levels (CSEE): Iduda secondary school, Mbeya region, January, 2005 to October, 2008.
  • Primary education: Nsalaga primary school in Mbeya region, January, 1998 to September, 2004.


9.   Area of Specialization: Language Education


10.   Research:  

                 Emmanuel, N. (2019). Instructional Methods in Teaching of Speaking Skills in English Language in Advanced-Level Secondary Education in Ilala Municipality, Tanzania. MED (Language Education) Unpublished dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.