UDSM-DPS and UONGOZI hold training on coordinating Executive Programmes

Tue, 28.Mar.2023 11.10

By Zamda George, CMU

The University of Dar es Salaam Directorate of Public Services (DPS) in collaboration with UONGOZI Institute has conducted a one-day training on organizing and running executive programs, which was held this March, 2023 at Silver Sands Hotel, in Dar es Salaam.

The event, which aimed to equip trainers with the skills and knowledge to design, manage, and deliver executive programmes in relation to the needs of the market and technology, was attended by 24 University of Dar es Salaam academic members of staff.

The Director of Public Services, Prof. Neema Mori, expressed the significance of  the training in improving the quality of executive programmes in the region. She commended the strong collaboration between UDSM and UONGOZI Institute that had led to this training and many other undertakings for mutual benefits.

"I am delighted for the organization of thistraining which is very crucial to our academic undertaking. This collaboration between the University of Dar es Salaam, and DPS and UONGOZI Institute is essential in enhancing the quality of executive programs in the region."

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of UONGOZI Institute Mr. Kadari Singo, who was the key trainer in this session, shared his experience in designing and managing executive programmes. He highlighted the importance of trainers being responsive to the changing needs of their clients and continuously improving the quality of their programs.

"The goal of executive programs is to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their roles. As trainers, we need to be responsive to the changing needs of our clients and continuously improve the quality of our programs to ensure their effectiveness", said Mr. Singo.

Another key trainer, Prof. Charles Goodluck Urassa from the University of Dar es Salaam Business School emphasized the importance of a learner-centered approach to designing and delivering effective executive programs during his session on adult training.

"Executive programs should focus on the learner's needs and goals. A learner-centered approach creates a supportive and collaborative learning environment that leads to more effective and impactful executive programs", said Prof. Urassa.

In this training, the simulation and practical sessions provided an opportunity for participants to apply the skills and knowledge they had learned earlier in the day. Participants had also an opportunity for reflection and evaluation which allowed them to share their thoughts and feedback on the training.

Participants who attended the simulation and practice session noted that the training was incredibly helpful in providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to design and deliver effective executive programs. “The simulation and practical session allowed us to apply what we learned in a practical setting, which was incredibly useful.