Director's Message

Dear Alumni and Students,

Greetings from your beloved Alma Mater,  the University of Dar es Salaam!

I am honoured to greet and meet you on this page.

The  Alumni Relations Office is the primary communications link between the University and its alumni. It is the goal of our office to encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation, involvement, and commitment to their alma mater. We aim to strengthen the bond; to jointly co-create programs and to improve upon the existing relationships with our alumni. 

At UDSM we value, recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the University. Therefore, we encourage all our alumni to participate and support the University programs, services, numerous campus activities and events. 

We promise to stay in touch with you and keep you updated on a wide variety of information and engagements of the University of Dar es Salaam.

We kindly request you to stay connected through involvement and participation in the UDSM Alumni family. We call upon all UDSM alumni to register on our portal and enjoy the privilege of being a member of the UDSM alumni community.

The benefits of joining the UDSM Alumni community include;

  • Acquaintance with your fellow alumni from all over the world
  • Expansion of professional network
  • Career development webinars
  • Recent updates on job alerts
  • Giving back by mentoring fresh graduates
  • Staying updated about your alma mater
  • Being part of alumni events

Register now to become a member of UDSM Alumni community by updating your information through