Professors Emeriti

This is exciting news. The University recently moved to another stage in its history by appointing to a rare and intellectually elder position of ‘Professor Emeritus’ to “sit, peddle and keep guard” from the rear as the boat moves steadily forward through the uncharted waters.

What is ‘Professor Emeritus’? This is a term etymologically deriving from the Latin for “veteran soldier”. In formal English language today, Professor Emeritus [regardless of gender although, for a woman, sometimes "professor emerita"] is a fully-tenured professor who retires in good standing at a university. On this particular score, he or she would have been voted professor-emeritus out of his or her intellectually and professionally respectable standing, in order for him/her to remain within an intimate association with the university’s relevant department―so as to continue helping to advise-and-nurture the department in various ways including teaching, research and wider community-outreach consultations.

Strictly not on an official payroll of the university, the professor-emeritus [plural: ‘professors emeriti’] continues to hold the banner of the university and to symbolize the university’s rich intellectual values. The appointment illustrates the dictum ‘old is gold’ in the sense of their ability and readiness to help with anything academic, particularly with advice-cum-leadership on any of the University’s three-pronged mission: of research, teaching and consultancy, including various professional aspects of public service.

The following are brief notes on them, supported by their full and downloadable profiles.



Professor Emeritus Josaphat Laurean Kanywanyi 

LLB (1966), University of East Africa.

LLM (1967), University of California, Berkeley (USA).

Ph.D.(1987), University of Dar es Salaam.

Professor since 2010 [= 10 years]



Professor Emeritus Gamaliel Mgongo Fimbo

LLB (1969), University of East Africa.

LLM (1971), University of London (UK).

Ph.D. (1990), University of Dar es Salaam.

Professor since 2004 [=16 years]




Professor Emeritus Issa Gulamhussein Shivji

LLB (1970), University of East Africa;

LLM (1971), University of London;

LLD (1982), University of Dar es Salaam

Professor since 1986 [= 34 years]





Professor Emeritus Chris Maina Peter

LLB (1980), University of Dar es Salaam

LLM (1984), University of Dar es Salaam

Dr. Jur [LLD] (1989), University of Konstanz, Germany

Diploma in Higher Education (1990),

Univ. of Kassel, Germany

Professor since 1999 [= 21 years]


Professor Abel Ishumi

BA(Hons)(1970), University of East Africa

MEd(1972), Harvard university

Ph.D. (1975), University of Dar es Salaam

Professor since 1982 [= 38 years]



Professor Mayunga Nkunya

Bc (Hons), (1976)University of Dar es Salaam

MSc (1979), University of Dar es Salaam

Ph.D. (1984), University of Nijmegen, Netherland/

University of Dar es Salaam

Professor since 1994 [=26 years]



Professor Justinia Clinton Galabawa

BSc(Hons)(1975), University of Dar es Salaam

MEd(1979) University of Dar es Salaam

MDS(1982), Institute of Social Studies,

The Hague, Netherlands

Ph.D. (1988), University of Alberta, Canada 


Professor Amelia Kajumulo Kivaisi

BSc(1978), University of Dar es salaam

Master Degree in Microbiology (1984),

Stockholm University

Ph.D. (1990), University of Dar es Salaam  

Professor since 2005 [=15 years]