PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication

1. Introduction
Presently, the School only offers a PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication by thesis. The doctoral programme gives students an opportunity to undertake research and, subsequently, write a thesis.

2. Objectives of the Programme
The PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication programme is designed to prepare independent scholars for academic careers in teaching and research in mass communication and other media-related fields. It seeks to build a solid foundation in the media discipline among candidates through multifaceted exploration of theories and methods that influence the shape and scope of research in journalism, mass communication, and other media fields including Corporate Communication.

3. Entry Requirements
A master’s degree in media-related fields of Journalism, Mass Communication and Public Relations and  Advertising from the University of Dar es Salaam or an equivalent master’s degree from a recognised university.

4. Programme Structure
The current PhD programme in Journalism and Mass Communication is offered only by thesis. The programme is based on research and writing of a thesis. This is done under close supervision and lasts for three years. Students can select research topics in media-related areas such as Journalism, Mass Communication, and Public Relations and Advertising.

5. List of Courses
As a thesis-based programme, the PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication offers no structured class-based courses.

6. Programme Evaluation and Examinations
The thesis is evaluated by External and Internal Examiners and, subsequently, the candidate defends it before a Viva Voce Panel. The PhD thesis is graded in accordance with the Postgraduate Guidelines of the University of Dar es Salaam

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