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The School of Journalism and Mass Communication was born out of the former Tanzania School of Journalism (TSJ), which was established under the UDSM Act No. 12 of 1970, which accordingly, revoked the TSJ Act. This move has enabled the School to offer degree programmes in Journalism, Mass Communication as well as Public Relations and Advertising.


Degrees Offered

The School offers the following undergraduate programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, BA (Journalism)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, BA (Mass Comm.)
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising, BA (Publ. Relations and Advert.).
  4. The Certificate in Journalism(CertJournalism) is a non-degree programme


Admission Requirements

1.         The undergraduate degree for which the School of Journalism and Mass Communication prepares candidates is the Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Mass Communication or Public Relations and Advertising) of the University of Dar es Salaam.

2.         A candidate shall be eligible for consideration for admission to the BA (Journalism, Mass Communication or Public Relations and Advertising) degree if he/she has obtained the following:

2.1       Direct Entry Qualifications

Any 2 or more principal level passes and one language subject at C grade or higher in Advanced Secondary School Certificate.

2.2       Equivalent Qualifications

Diploma from a recognised institution offering Journalism education or mass media-related studies.

2.3       Mature Age Entry

In addition to the requirements of the University of Dar es Salaam under this category, candidates must possess favourable recommendations from their employers or other relevant bodies.


General Degree Regulations

  1. All students admitted to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication shall be enrolled in one of the programmes offered by the School.
  2. To graduate from the School a student must take and pass a minimum of 360 credits and a maximum of 432 credits for a three-year programme.


School Examination Regulations

The following regulations shall apply to all students undertaking undergraduate programmes in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication:

1.         All candidates will be required to take and pass examinations in all the registered courses in any particular semester.

2.         A candidate who fails some courses but attains a GPA of not below 1.8 will be required to supplement the failed courses.

3.         Where a student fails a supplementary examination, she/he shall be allowed to carry over the failed course(s) provided she/she attains an average GPA of 2.0.

4.         Coursework marks for theory courses shall be 40 per cent while final examination will be awarded 60 per cent.

5.         Classification of Degrees:

  1. For purposes of the final classification of degrees and where applicable a five point system shall be used in averaging the final grades.
  2. The letter grades will be assigned points as follows:













  1. Approved courses given for each degree shall be appropriately weighted in terms of units.
  2. To get the score for each course multiply the points, as in 5.2 by the weights, as in 5.3
  3. The total score for the degree shall be the total score for all countable courses taken by the candidate for the degree, computed as in 5.4.
  4. The average score for the degree shall be computed by dividing the total score in 5.5 by the total weight obtained under 5.3.
  5. The final classification shall be as follows:

First Class                                -        A          (5.0 – 4.4)

Second Class (Upper)            -        B+       (4.3 – 3.5)

Second Class (Lower)           -        E          (3.4 – 2.7)

Pass                                          -        C          (2.6 – 2.0)