Contact details
Title: Dr
Name: Malima Zacharia
College/School/Division: School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Role: Lecturer / Head of Mass Communication Unit
Current Summarised CV:

Trained as a media and communication specialist, Dr. Malima Zacharia is an expert in the areas of specialised writing for the Media, Media Management and Economics, Communication for Development, and Climate Change and Environmental Communication. He has 14 years of teaching and doing research and consultancy experience. Dr. Zacharia has a BA in Journalism, a MA in Communication and Media Studies, and a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development with a particular focus on Radio Communication for Forest Conservation. Before being employed at the University of Dar es Salaam, he worked in the mass media for two years (2006-2008).

Dr. Zacharia has co-ordinated and managed several local and international projects with organisations such as: Energy and Water Utility Regulatory Authority (EWURA), EWURA Consumer Consultative Council (EWURA CCC), Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA), HakiElimu, Land O’Lakes International Development, Tanzania Adventist Media Channels, Airtel Tanzania, and Tanzania Media Fund (TMF).

Currently, he is the Country Programme Manager of the BMIA-FJT. He has also conducted several Executive and Professional Training to Journalists, Editors, Business Organisations, and Religious Institutions.

At the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Dar es Salaam, Dr. Zacharia has been entrusted with the responsibility of serving as Head of Mass Communication Unit; Co-ordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Certificates, and Short Courses; Quality Assurance Coordinator; Examination Officer; and Coordinator of the Academic Registration Information System (ARIS) in addition to his teaching and research responsibilities.

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