Assistant Lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

M.A Journalism and Communication (Makerere)



Area of research interests: 

Business and Economics Journalism; Extractives Journalism (natural gas, mining and oil); Security Sector Journalism (SSJ); Media Reporting Quality; Organisational Communication; Community Media; Media Policy and Regulation; and Media and Financial Sustainability.


  • Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania (2017 to date). The project assesses the reporting quality of over 30 media houses in the country.
  • Country Coordinator for the UNESCO’s project on content analysis of 14 community radio stations in Tanzania implemented jointly with colleagues from the University of Nairobi (UoN) and Lead Coordinator from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (2015).
  • Country Coordinator for the European Union (EU) funded project Youth in Action Programme dubbed FIT. COM ‘Fostering Integration Through Communication of Multiculturalism’ implemented in four countries: Tanzania, Peru, Italy and German (2014).
  • Project Leader for the Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) project ‘Follow the Money: Investigating Public Expenditure Tracking in Local Government Authorities in Tanzania Mainland’ implemented jointly by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) and Business Times Limited (2014).
  • Project Leader for a project titled ‘Investigative Journalism on the genesis of 2012 Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) poor examinations’ results in Tanzania’ (2013). The project was financed by the Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) and implemented by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Dar es Salaam.
  • Regional Project Coordinator for the Tanzania Community Civic Initiatives (TACCI) ‘Tuamke Sasa’ project funded by USAID (July 2012 – June 2014). The project was implemented in Morogoro and Dodoma Regions in Tanzania.
  • Project Leader for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s ‘Electoral Support Project’ funded by UNDP in October 2010.


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