college research projects

Research Projects:
Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies:

Bahari Yetu, Urithi Wetu:Our Ocean, Our Heritage.

Principal Investigator: Dr John P Cooper

Co-Investigators: Dr Elgidius Ichumbaki (University of Dar Es Salaam), Dr Lucy Blue (University of Southampton).
Funding Agency - Rising from the Depth Network

Investigating the Archaeology of colonial encounters on the Tanzania coast from 16th to 19th centuries AD.
 Principal Investigator: Dr. Elinaza Mjema.
Funding Agency - Volkswagen Foundation.

Paleontological Research and Cultural Heritage Management in Lindi Region, Southern Tanzania Principal Investigators: Dr. Pastory M. Bushozi and Dr. Charles  B. Saanane .
Funding Agency - COSTECH

Stone tools, diet and sociality at the down of humanity, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Pastory M. Bushozi .
Funding Agency - SDS

Iringa Region Archaeological Project
Principal Investigator: Dr. Pastory M. Bushozi.
Funding Agency – SSHRC

Metals and African Societies In Lake Tanganyika-Nyasa Countries: Exploring Iron And Copper Production And Human Choices In Selected Provinces of Zambia.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Edwinus. C. Lyaya.
Funding Agency - Volkswagen Foundation

Evolving in human minds during the Middle and Upper Pleistocene in Tanzania.
Principal Investigator: Dr.  Pastory. M. Bushozi .
Funding Agency - Volkswagen Foundation

Sustainable Preservation and Community Development in Kaole .
Principal Investigators: Dr. Noel B. Lwoga and Dr. Egidius. B. Ichumbaki
Funding Agency - National Geographic Society.

Kisima Project
Principal Investigator: Dr. Egidius. B. Ichumbaki
Funding Agency - Rising from the Depth Network

Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics:

The Impact of Ngoni migration to Southern Tanzania: A multi-disciplinary study.
Principal Investigators: Dr. Gastor Mapunda and Dr. Thomas Biginagwa
Funding Agency - UDSM

Department of Creative Arts:
A Musicological Examination of the Wagogo Music Traditions in Relation to passing them to Young Tanzanians.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kedmon Mapana.

Funding Agency - UDSM
Skills, Employability, Sustainable Development for the Humanities (SESDH)
Principal Investigators: Dr. Rose Upor, Dr. Kedmon Mapana and Dr. Ulrich Wünsch.
Funding Agency – DAAD.

Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics:
UDSM Norhed-Enable
Principal Investigator: Prof. Gastor Mapunda.
Funding Agency – DANIDA

Humanities Research Centre:
Global Humanities Institute on Chronic Conditions: Childhood and Social Suffering in Global Africa.
Principal Investigators: Dr. Rose Upor, Dr.  Oswald Masebo, Dr. Marta Caminero-Santangelo and Dr.  Kathryn A. Rhine.
Funding Agency: Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI)

Department of History

Collaborative Provenance Research on the Collections from Tanzania at the National Museum and House of Culture in Dar es Salaam and Ethnological Museum in Berlin.
Principal Investigator:  Dr. Oswald Masebo.
Funding Agency – Genkel Henkel Stiftung