Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics

The Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics was established in the mid-sixties, offering courses in English, French and Linguistics. Kiswahili was added later and subsequently became an independent department in the early 1970s. In response to the falling standards of English language of students joining the university, the Communication Skills Unit was added to the department in 1978. Currently, the Communication Skills Unit is no longer within the department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics. It became independent as Center for Communication Studies in 2013. The Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics is thus currently composed of three sections, namely; Linguistics, English and French section. German is a new foreign language offered as series of elective courses and in evening mode.  

Specializations within the Department

  • Second Language Teaching, assessment, Syllabus Design and Materials Development
  • English Language Proficiency Testing and Certification
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Discourse, textual and stylistic Analysis,


The activities conducted by the Department largely reflect the three core functions of the University, namely teaching, research, and consultancy. The Department offers Linguistics and Language courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As far as research is concerned, the Department has been conducting research on different ethnic community languages spoken in Tanzania through its Languages of Tanzania Project (LoT). It also conducts researches on language teaching and second language acquisition. The findings of these researches are disseminated through publications, workshops and seminars organized by the department. On the aspect of consultancy, the Department offers translation and interpretation services to government and non-government clients, editorial services, and writing skills courses to different institutions upon demand.

To cater for the needs of graduates who want to pursue further studies abroad, the department offers English Language Proficiency Certification to candidates who need this qualification. This is an English Proficiency Test of the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics of the University of Dar es Salaam. It is not TOEFL or ELTS or GMAT. Further details regarding this service are presented below:

Mode of Payment
Please deposit the examination fees with our bankers– NBC Mlimani Branch. The name of the Account is Dept. of Foreign Languages and Linguistics. Account # 040201026067

Fees charged
UDSM Students - 10,000/=
UDSM Alumni - 40,000/=
UDSM Staff - 30,000/=
Others - 50,000/=

Please bring your bank pay-in-slip when you come for registration or fax it through Tel: +255-22-2410031. Registration should be done at least five days before the examination date, in the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics.
Please Note: On the examination date, please bring a valid ID, and a copy of the bank pay-in-slip For any enquiries, please call the department at Tel: 2410749 or 2410057


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Contact Details
Tel : +255 22 2410749 
Fax: +255 22 2410031