Dr Elgidius B Ichumbaki

BA, MA, PhD (Dar)



Ichumbaki joined the department in 2009 as a tutorial assistant and became a lecturer in 2015 after successful completion of his PhD from the Universities of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Roskilde (Denmark). His PhD thesis on ‘Perceptions on values and uses of built heritage assets of the East African coast’ reflects his competence in teaching and researching in the field of heritage management, conservation and tourism.


Research Interests

Ichumbaki’s research interests focus on monumental ruins and historic buildings and the way these can help us understand socio-cultural transformations that have taken place over the last millennium. In line with the 2030 United Nations Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals and “Agenda 2063, the Africa We Want”,Ichumbaki undertakes projects that aims to raise public awareness on heritage and how to use such assets as alternative ways to deliver outputs toward improved local livelihoods.


Current and Completed Projects

To learn more about Ichumbaki’s past and present projects, kindly visit his webpage at



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