Consultancy services

CoNAS encompassing multidiscipline units carries out diversified knowledge based consultancies to different clients including NGOS, Companies, International Organization and . Government Institutions. Some examples of consultancies done for the past five years are given below:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)  CoNAS has been involved in various projects such as construction of dams (eg. HEP-Pangani falls, Kihansi), Songosongo gas, Oil exploration in the sea, different mining projects and Seacom fibre optic cable, terrestrial vegetation component.


  • Mineral, Oil and gas resources
  1. Geophysical and geological Survey of potential mineralized zones
  2. Geotechnical investigation of ground strength for construction work.
  3.  Geohazard assessment and monitoring in potential unstable grounds and seismically active areas
  •     Renewable energy
  1. Solar system designs
  2. Exploration of area potential for wind as alternative source of energy
  3.  Assessment of potential areas for geothermal energy
  •    Water sources and quality
  1. Groundwater investigations and Supervision of drilling and development of water wells
  2. Microbiological analysis of water qualities from different sources
  • Chemical formulation, disposal and soil analysis
  1.  Chemical analysis of constituents in different substances (raw materials, soil, water, air, salts and environmental pollution)
  2.  Technical advice on industrial chemical formulations and waste disposal
  • Agriculture oriented consultancies
  1. Assessment of agricultural systems
  2. Agricultural innovation diffusion rates, suitability

Fabrication of Equipment

  1. Fabrication of practical sets and laboratory Equipment.