About SIDA Mathematics projects

Sida Mathematics Project.

Title of the Project: Capacity Building of Mathematics in Higher Education in Tanzania

Funding Agency: Sida Bilateral programme - Sweden


About Sida Mathematics Project

The Sida Mathematics project at University of Dar es Salaam under competitive bases won a proposal among the 12 projects funded by Sida Bilateral programmes of Sweden. The overall goal of this sub-programme  is to build capacity for graduate training and research in mathematics at the University of Dar es Salaam through collaboration with Swedish universities. The Sida Bilateral programme sponsorship at UDSM  was five years programme from July 2015 – June 2020 and was given extension of one year until June 2021.

The specific objectives of this sub-programme are:

Specific objective 1: To increase the quantity and quality of postgraduate programmes and the extent of research training for development of Mathematics in higher institutions in Tanzania.

Specific Objective 2: to increase the quality and use of research relevant to high priority issues of national development.

Specific Objective 3: to increase partnerships with local, regional and international institutions/organizations for knowledge generation, sharing and utilization of research in high priority areas.


Expected outputs for the whole agreement period 2015-2021

  1. Three (3) academic members of staff trained in Mathematics at PhD level by June 2021
  2. Eight(8) students trained in Mathematics at  Master’s level by June 2021
  3. Three (3) academic members of staff awarded Postdoc fellowships by June 2020
  4. At least six (6) scientific papers published from the PhD theses by June 2021
  5. At least four (4) scientific papers published from the Master’s theses by June 2020
  6. At least three (3) scientific papers published from three postdocs by June 2020
  7. Curriculum for Master’s in Mathematics reviewed by 2016
  8. Curriculum for Master’s in Mathematical Modeling reviewed by 2016
  9. New taught PhD curriculum for PhD in Mathematics developed and running by 2016
  10. At least four (4) workshops and schools conducted in collaboration with other universities in the region by June 2020
  11. At least two (2) conferences conducted in collaboration with other universities in the region by June 2020
  12. One (1) multidisciplinary research project established in collaborating other universities in the region by June 2020
  13. Regional collaboration and networks strengthened
  14. Regional research groups established
  15. ICT facilities at the department upgraded


Swedish Partners are:

Department of Mathematics, Linköping University

Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University

Department of Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology

Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University

School of Educ., Culture & Comm., Mälardalen University


Contact Person at UDSM:

Dr. Sylvester E. Rugeihyamu

Mathematics department

University of Dar Es Salaam

Telephone: +255713775365


Contact Person in Sweden:

Dr. Bengt-Ove Turesson

Mathematics department

Linköping University

Telephone: +46734602612