East Africa Centre for Mathematical Research

The East Africa Centre for mathematics Research established recently aims to facilitate postgraduate training in East African Universities. The centre was established recently and will be launched on 19th June 2019 an event which will took place in Rwanda during IUCEA meeting.

Main objective of the centre:

To promote and coordinate research and postgraduate training in Pure and Applied Mathematics in the  East African region in order to meet the needs of the society.

Main Activities of the centre are:

  • To promote excellence in mathematical research.
  • To facilitate training of high-quality graduates in Pure and Applied Mathematics in the MSc and PhD programmes in East Africa.
  • To actively seek for funds for postgraduate training and research in Pure and Applied Mathematics in the  East African region.
  • To contribute to an increase the use of Pure and Applied Mathematics in multidisciplinary research projects at universities and in the private and public sectors in the  East African region.
  • To improve gender balance among students and staff members in the collaborating universities.
  • To create and promote a regional alumni network for PhD graduates and postdocs in Pure and Applied Mathematics.
  • To support activities aimed at popularising Mathematics and encouraging young students to study and specialise in Mathematics.