PhD in Biodiversity and Conservation by thesis or In Applied Zoology by thesis only

Entry requirements

A candidate for admission to the PhD in Biodiversity and Conservation by thesis/In Applied Zoology by thesis only must hold a Master’s degree in Zoology or related field of the University of Dar es Salaam or of any other recognized Institution of higher learning. In addition;

  • Candidate shall have a GPA 3.5 and above at undergraduate degree programme
  • Candidate shall have a GPA 4.0 and above at Masters degree programme


Programme Descriptions

The programme involves a minimum of three years for full-time candidates, or five years for part-time registered candidates.

Once the student registers for the programme, the Department assigns supervisor(s) to the candidate. The registration is renewed annually at the beginning of subsequent years. Studentship commences with immediate effect and within four months of the assignment of supervisor, the candidate is supposed to present a comprehensive substantive research proposal in a Departmental seminar. If satisfied with the quality of the research proposal, the Department will submit the proposal for evaluation at the College HDRP Committee, where it will be presented by the candidate. Once it finds the proposal satisfactory, the college HDRP Committee will approve the proposal for implementation.

A candidate registered for PhD in Zoology degree programme by thesis may, on recommendation of the relevant College/School/Institute Board, be required to do one or more formal courses appropriate to his/her field of study, as prescribed by his/her supervisor(s). A Candidate who fails to complete the study within the specified period shall be discontinued, unless Senate has approved application for extension.

Programme Requirements

For a candidate to be awarded a PhD in Biodiversity and Conservation by thesis/In Applied Zoology by thesis only, he/she must produce a thesis which will be examined and graded with a letter grade by at least two examiners who are specialists in the area and approved by College Board, Senate Postgraduate Studies Committee (SPSC) and Senate. At least one of the examiners must be external to the University.  Once the thesis is passed by the examiners the candidate will sit for viva voce examination. Before the initial submission of the thesis for examination, the candidate should make a presentation to the Departmental seminar for submission approval.

Every PhD candidate shall be required to produce at least one paper, published or accepted for publication in a journal recognised by UDSM, during the course of their study programme.

Note also that:

  • Time to complete studies is 3 years for full time and 4 years for part-time
  • Maximum period of registration for PhD by Thesis is 6 years for full time and 8 years for part-time.