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Title: Mr
Name: Hassan Mfaume Haucha
College/School/Division: College Of Natural And Applied Sciences
Role: Laboratory Scientist II
Current Summarised CV:,

Mr. Hassan Haucha is Tanzanian national, born in 31st May in Temeke district of Dar es salaam region. He obtained primary education in Kilombero district, after which he continued with secondary education and passed both the ‘O’-Level (Ordinary-level) and the ‘A’-Level (advanced-level) exams which enabled him to enroll at the University of Dar es salaam in 2009. He undertook a three-year Bachelor of Science degree programme in applied zoology at the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS) which he successfully completed in 2012 and was awarded Bsc. (Hons) degree. Upon graduation he was employed at the Tanzanian Ministry of TAMISEMI - President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) duty station - Shinyanga Regional Administrative Secretary Office where he served as Regional Beekeeping Officer. Mr. Haucha served in his position for five years from 2014 to 2019, as technical resource in the Regional Secretariat Office to facilitate provision of supportive backstopping to Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in areas of beekeeping techniques, bee raising and processing bee products for sale. Moreover in his position Mr. Haucha Coordinate and oversee quality standards of bee products, Coordinate and oversee implementation of Policy and laws governing bee keeping in the region.


In June 2019, Mr. Haucha joined the University of Dar es salaam, as Laboratory Scientist II in the Department of Zoology and Wildlife Conservation, a position he hold to date. In this capacity of Laboratory Scientist he plays so many roles such as, supervising various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of Insect Ecology, Entomology, Anatomy and Physiology, Parasitology, Molecular Biology of Parasites, Evolution, Cell Biology, Chordate Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Animal Behavior as well as Biological Methods and Techniques.

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