Senior Lecturer, College Of Natural And Applied Sciences

PhD (Tropical Medicine /Biomedical Sciences) John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA 2013.


  1. Immunology BL 210
  2. Immunology of Parasitism ZL 331
  3. Parasitology ZL 338
  4. Protozoology and Helminthology ZL 604
  5. Immunology BL 618


Research interests: Infection diseases epidemiology and immunology; neglected tropical parasitic diseases; maternal and child health studies.


  • Epidemiology and  Onchocerciasis in Tanzania
  • Safety, therapeutic and prophylactic effect of herbal extracts in normal pregnancy with inflammatory pregnancy.
  • Epidemiology of malaria and helminth infections among pregnant women in Tanzania.
  • Placental autophagy.
  •  Epidemiology of Parasitic zoonoses
  • Etiology of poor pregnancy outcome in HIV positive pregnant women on antiretroviral therapy. 
  • In vivo Antiplasmodial activities on combined marketed medicinal plants in Tanzania” 
  • Impact of insecticide resistance on vector competence of Anopheles gambiae s.l mosquitoes 
  • Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and nontuberculous mycobacteria in selected border regions of Tanzania 
  • Insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae s.l. in association with environmental parameters; effects on vector competence.


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