Background of Sida Mathematics Project

The Sida Mathematics project at University of Dar es Salaam under competitive bases won a proposal among the 12 projects funded by Sida Bilateral programmes of Sweden. The overall goal of this sub-programme is to build capacity for graduate training and research in mathematics at the University of Dar es Salaam through collaboration with Swedish universities. The Sida Mathematics project was five years programme from July 2015 – June 2020 and was given extension of one year until June 2021 and the second extension from until June 2022 and no cost extension to June 2023.

The specific objectives and Results:

Specific objective 1: To increase the quantity and quality of postgraduate programmes and the extent of research training for development of Mathematics in higher institutions in Tanzania.

Results: Developed taught PhD programme; reviewed two MSc programmes; Trained 3 PhDs all three graduated; Trained 8 MScs only 7 graduated


Specific Objective 2: Increase the quality and use of research relevant to high priority issues of national development

Results: Awarded 3 postdocs; published 27 papers, 5 conference papers and 4 book chapters were published. Two (2) conferences and four (4) workshops were organized.

Specific Objective 3: To improve the research environment by increasing collaboration and the utilization of equipment and infrastructure.

Results: Regional collaboration was strengthened through meeting, workshops and joint proposal writings. East African Centre for Mathematical Research (EACMaR) and Regional research groups were established.  Through IUCEA the centre coordinated development of Benchmark for mathematics subject for East Africa Universities.