Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences -Department of Languages and Literature

Dr. Loveluck Philip

Head of Department 

Welcome to the Department of Languages and Literature

Our department is specialized in General Linguistics and Literature, Kiswahili Linguistics and Kiswahili Literature, French and Communication Skills studies. It is the largest in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Currently it has 60 academics out of which 16 are PhD holders and others are Assistant Lecturers and Tutorial Assistants. The department provides quality knowledge and skills to undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also serves the general public through short courses and consultancy. The short courses that we offer are French for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, Methods of Teaching Kiswahili to Foreigners and Intensive English Course.

The Department has the following Units:

1. Kiswahili Unit

This unit offers Linguistics in Kiswahili, Kiswahili Grammar and Kiswahili Literature courses to undergraduate and postgraduate student teachers. There are also short courses such as Kiswahili for beginners to foreigners and methods of teaching Kiswahili as a foreign language. The unit also offers services like translation, editing and proof reading.

2. Literature Unit

This unit offers a wide range of courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The courses offered include a focus on the main genres of literature i.e. novels, poetry and drama with emphasis on African writers and their works of art. It further provides the students with a background in literary theories and how literature can be applied in society in order to enable critical analysis of the works under scrutiny. Furthermore, an insight into the world of publishing is offered to the students. The unit prides itself in the practical approach to literature which enables the students to apply their knowledge in their teaching careers and as future authors and publishers.

3. French Unit

This unit offers French courses to undergraduate student teachers. The courses offered range from general French communicative competencies covering four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, to translation practice and French literature. The unit also provides services to the public including short French courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners as well as other language services such as translation and interpretation. French members of staff are from time to time contracted for a certain period of time by national and international bodies to offer services in their areas of expertise.

4. Linguistics, English and Communication Skills unit

 This unit serves undergraduate and postgraduate student teachers. It offers general linguistics, English grammar, phonology and functions and communication skills. The communication skills course equips students with writing, listening, speaking and reading skills. The unit also offers an intensive English short course to students and non-students. Apart from teaching, the unit provides consultancy services like training, translation, editing and proof reading. It also administers English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) to the alumni and non-alumni who seek to enrolling the universities abroad.