Health Services

A. Background information

Health Services at Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) are offered at DUCE dispensary. Along with academic services, the College also provides medical services through its Dispensary which was established in 2005 to provide quality health care services within easy reach of its catchment population. It serves students, staff and the surrounding community. The main focus is preventing, diagnosting and treatmenting communicable and non-communicable diseases.


B. Medical Officer In-Charge and the physical location

Dr. Saning'o Sangeti  is currently medical officer in charge. The contact phone number of the medical in charge is +255 755 255 212. Administratively, medical in charge and the DUCE dispensary in general falls under the Deputy Principal - Administration office as per the organizational structure of the College. DUCE dispensary is located just adjacent to the DUCE main entrance gate, along Taifa Road. We are close to NBC Bank and Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium.


C. DUCE dispensary staffing and administration profile

DUCE dispensary has a well-established staffing from different cadres customized to meet client’s need. With our different levels of educational background and experience, we are capable of providing preventive education, diagnostic and treatment care to clients with different medical conditions. The listed here-under are the officers who form the management profile of the DUCE dispensary. Their names and positions are listed.

     Full name                                                          Position                               

  1. Dr. Gerrion Mtega                                      Care and Treatment  
  2. Sr. Rukia Nyembo                                     Nurse Officer In-Charge                
  3. Sr. Niwabigira Wilhelmina                           Head-Reproductive and Child Health       
  4. Mr. Pontian Hondi                                      Head - Laboratory    
  5. Mr. Lugano Mwankemwa                            Head - Pharmacy                         
  6. Mr. Kenedy Kituye                                     Environmental Health Officer        


D. Our services

  1. Outpatient Care
  2. Patient Observation Services
  3. Care and Treatment Services
  4. Medical Examination services
  5. Community Outreach Services
  6. Diagnostic Laboratory
  7. Pharmacy
  8. 24hrs Ambulance Services      
  9. VCT for HIV and AIDS
  10. Reproductive and Child Health Services


E. Opening and closing hours

We are open 24 Hrs, 7 Days a week (Monday - Sunday)


F. Payment scheme

The payment scheme is by cash or through health insurance.  Currently, we only serve members under the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). In the future, we plan to link with other health insurance schemes. Kindly, be informed that you can only receive healthcare services if you pay cash or produce a valid health insurance card. 


G. General information to students

i.  A guide to staying healthy at DUCE

Students are advised to check their health status regularly. If a student develops any symptoms or in a state of ill-health, kindly visit the DUCE Dispensary immediately for early diagnosis and treatment. Late seeking of healthcare attention may negatively affect the recovery or outcome of your health problem.

Students are also advised to observe high standards of hygienic practices everywhere and every time be it at the lecture theatres, in gatherings, cafeteria, ‘vimbweta’ and at your room.

Dustbins have been put almost in all key places at the campus. Avoid littering the environment.

 ii. Alcohol, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

Students are advised to strictly avoid use of alcohol as this affects their academic performance.  Drinking impairs significantly your cognitive function. Decision making under the influence of alcohol may lead to serious unpleasant consequences.

Students are also advised to protect themselves and colleagues from HIV/AIDS. The best approach is to abstain from pre-marital sex. If students cannot abstain from sex then be faithful to your single uninfected partner and always use a condom consistently and persistently during sexual intercourse. 

We provide free voluntary testing counselling (VCT) for HIV/AIDSIf students need advice on treatment and care (CTC) for HIV/AIDS, they should feel free to consult us. Ethics, confidentiality and privacy shall be highly observed.

Consequences of unplanned pregnancy are enormous and may affect your academic performance and your future in general. Students are advised to visit their Reproductive and Child Health Unit for health education pertaining to Reproductive Health.                                                                                                                     

iii. Transport and road safety

Road traffic accident (RTA) is currently among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in our country. Students are advised to take all the necessary precautions when using motor vehicles.  Of special note is the use of helmet every-time one rides on a motorcycle.

 iv. Falling sick outside the College

In case students fall sick outside the College campus immediately they should notify the office of the Medical Officer In-Charge by any means possible such as through their fellow students and/or family members. Students are free to receive health care services at any health facility of their choice but you are obliged to inform the responsible College officers immediately.

 v. Referral procedures

All medical needs shall be attended at DUCE dispensary except for problems which require expertise attention in terms of specialized personnel and equipment. If students succumb to problems requiring attention of a specialized healthcare personnel and/or hospital they shall be referred promptly for the same. Our default referral hospital is Temeke Regional Referral Hospital.  However, the nature of your medical problem may dictate on our side the choice of a referral Hospital. Any self-referral will be at the patient’s own cost.

vi. Postponement of academic activities on medical ground

In case students fall sick or admitted outside DUCE and they are unable to attend classes should report the matter immediately to the Medical Officer In charge.  Students can use their fellow students, friends or family members to report their health status on behalf. A dully medical report must be availed to support the claim.

Postponement of academic activities such as seminars, lectures, course work, tests and examinations must be fully supported by an authentic medical reason and evidence for the same must be produced. All this information must be channelled through the office of the Medical Officer In-Charge.