Library Departments

Research and Information Management

The department has three units that are research and scholarly communication, ICT services, and Teaching and consultancy management.

The department deals with content acquisition, collection lifecycle management and metadata services. Its deals with research data and information management as well as scholarly communication. The department heads activities of preparing technical proposals for training and funding in the area of information management, designing and maintaining the library newsletters, books, and reviews of documents. In addition, its conduct research and consultancy, and organizes various professional and academic training for library staff and all users (staff and students) on the information literacy (IL),customer care, editing and reviewing of library documents.

The department ensures suitable operation of library information systems,library digital development,management, planning and innovation. The department deals with the library computer network and internet service including conducting review and implementing library's ICT policy.In addition, the department administers Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC) and bibliographical data entry into the college library system. Moreover,the department is responsible for selection,acquisition, and installation of library software and hardware.It also maintains library website,and other library web-based pages available on social networks.


Readers and Technical Services

The department has three units including readers services,technical services and acquisition services.

It deals with promotion of library users welfare services, archives, special collection, environment and sanitary services. The department ensures that user information needs are effectively achieved through shelf management, reference services, circulation of information resources, user guidance on how to use available labrary resources and abide to the rules and regulations of the college library. The department keeps different libray users' statistics related to the inter-library lending services,stocktaking, library collection evaluation and marketing of information services and products.In addition,the department engages in the development,management, and planning of libray collection,weeding library information resources as well as preserving and conserving library information materials.To achieve this goal,the library offers technical supports services including books repair,binding of copies of newspaper and office gazettes.