DUCE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the British Council, the Aga Khan Foundation, EdTechHub, The Global Education Evidence Advisory Panel (GEEAP) and British Council organized a conference, named; UTAFITI ELIMU CONFERENCE held on 28th-29th February 2024.

The main objective of the conference was to bring education researchers and policy makers under one roof to examine the education landscape in Tanzania and explore how research on intervention can support growth and opportunities in education sector.

The Conference was graced by Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Prof. Adolf Mkenda who called upon all stakeholders to bring ideas on the table since the ministry is ready to implement positive ideas for the sake of promoting Tanzania education sector.

The three main themes that were discussed are climate, environment and education, implementing the new curriculum, and technology to strengthen the education system. The themes were discussed into three groups based on participants’ fields of specialization.

Speaking during the conference, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Prof. William Anangisye urged researchers to discuss key issues that concern our education and how they can be implemented in order to bring positive changes in the education sector. Moreover, he said that UDSM, which holds important role in shaping minds of next generations, will continue to partner with stakeholders to discuss on issues of national interest in the sector of education.

Correspondingly, the Development Director at British High Commission, Kemi Williams said that time has come for research works to be done in such a way that they are beneficial to the people. She also remarked that with the issue of climate change that the whole world is facing, require stakeholders to conduct enough researches on how learners can continue with studies in such scenarios.

DUCE Principal, Prof. Stephen Maluka disclosed that currently, the College is actively engaged in 14 projects and four consultancies both within and outside its premises. He said such achievements are a result of serious investment by the College in enhancing research and consultancy activities.

In his closing note, the Director of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Ladislaus Mnyone said the Government is working hard to improve educational infrastructure by constructing more vocational centres and schools with well-equipped laboratories.