Visits in the year 2022

8. Scholars from University of Stirling visited DUCE in June 2022 for meetings and discussions on their project titled “Sustainable Plastic Attitudes to Benefit Communities and their Environments (SPACES). The delegation comprised Prof. Richard Quilliam (PI), Prof. David Oliver and Ms. Hanner White. In such meeting, Prof. Quilliam said that the World is currently witnessing piles of plastic waste being generated in different contexts, particularly in the lower middle income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa where Tanzania and Malawi have been cited in the project as case studies. On the other hand, the Principal Investigator (Tanzania), Dr. Emiliana Mwita said that the delegates intended to develop a sustainable framework for minimizing impact of plastic waste that poses a wide range of negative impact on human health and well-being.


9. It was a great honor for DUCE to host scholars from Palacky University-Czech Republic. The delegates visited DUCE from 19th-20th July 2022 for academic presentation on research, consultancy and postgraduate supervision. The delegates comprised of Prof. Pavel Novacek, Dr. Martin Schlossarek, Nikola Medova and Eva Ohniskova. Speaking during a brief meeting, Prof. Novacek said his team is working with Erasmus programme that links in areas of development studies, environmental studies, development policies and economics. In response, the College Principal, Prof. Stephen Maluka agreed that the two institutions can strategically expand their cooperation and work more closely on staff exchange and staff development, publications, joint research, resource sharing and capacity building.


10. On 30th August 2022, the College received Dr. Debojyoti Das, a researcher from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. Dr. Das is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Collaborative Project on Environmental Refugees in the Indian Ocean Region funded by Social Science Research Council (SSRC). The field sites for this transregional project are Bangladesh, India, Mozambique and Tanzania. In implementing project activities in Tanzania, Dr. Das has collaborated with three DUCE academic staff members, namely, Prof. Stephen Maluka, Dr. Almas Mazigo, and Dr. Victoria Makulilo.

Speaking during a brief meeting, Dr. Das said his visit in Tanzania will involve meetings and discussions with members of the Centre for Social and Political Research (CSPR) at DUCE on strengthening academic collaborations, and touring of the Msimbazi Valley and Mabwepande Mji Mpya where the displaced flood victims of the 2011 floods were reallocated. Responding to it, the Deputy Principal (PFA), Dr. Method Samwel promised to support the two institutions to strategically work more closely on research, innovations, publications, curriculum development, postgraduate supervision and staff development.


11. In October 2022, DUCE Research team in collaboration with six international universities conducted the second workshop on “Sustainable Plastic Attitudes to Benefit Communities and their Environments (SPACES). The objective of the research is to come up with the best interventions, policies and regulations that mitigate impacts of plastic pollution. This project is a joint effort of seven higher learning institutions which are UDSM-DUCE, University of Malawi, Stirling University, University of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Durham University, University of Strathclyde and Heriot-Watt University. The forerunners of the project are Prof. Kate Hampshire, the Principal Investigator of SPACES project from the Department of Anthropology, Durham University-United Kingdom and Dr. Emiliana Mwita, the project coordinator from DUCE. Other researchers involved in this project which is conducted at Msimbazi river catchment in Dar es Salaam are Prof. Daniel Shilla (UDSM-Main Campus), Dr. Cresensia Massawe, Dr. Dativa Shilla, Dr. Alexander Songoro and Mr. James Mwesiga from DUCE and Dr. Kondwani Chidziwisano a representative from Malawi University of Business and Allied Sciences.


12. A great honor to receive a delegate of 24 undergraduate students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, six of which conducted their practicum at Chang’ombe Primary School. On the 10th November 2022, the delegates participated in a lecturer on Sustainable Development which was held at TPC building.



13.  The Tanzania Partnership Program (TPP) is a long term program implemented in Tanzania since 2010. The project is under the office of international Programs at Michigan State University (MSU). DUCE has been part of the implementation of this project under Dr. Emiliana Mwita as a focal person. On 17th November 2022 the College was visited by Dr. Rob Glew who is the assistant Dean of International Programs at MSU, DR. Kwesi Yeboah, Directors TPP-MSU, Prof. Joel Nobert – Director IRA (UDSM) and Ms. Mary MALEKELA - Program Officer TPP