Director's Welcoming Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Dar es Salaam Library. The library seeks to support teaching, learning and research activities of the university community by providing innumerable information resources and services. Just to mention a few, the library has a substantial amount of electronic and print information resources with local and international research coverage. To enhance steady utilization of these resources, the library has highly invested in human and technical resources, making it well-endowed with highly-trained staff who are always happy to assist users in locating, retrieving and using information. On top of that, the library is spacious and equipped with advanced facilities hence providing a conducive environment for reading, reflecting and writing.

To ensure that, information services are always of high quality and well-aligned with teaching, learning and research activities, the library works hand-in-hand with the university's students and academic staff in acquiring new information resources. Because of that, the library is tirelessly striving to keep up with technological developments to ensure digital access to information through acquisition of digital solutions and information resources, and provision of digital literacy trainings to library staff and users.

Overall, we, the library team, are so determined to serve our users from across all disciplines to enable them to effectively consume information resources and excel in their academic and research activities. We are all-the-time excited and happy to be part of your academic and research journey.

You are warmly welcomed. Karibu sana!           

Yours in service,

Kelefa Mwantimwa

Library Director