Types of Library Resources

The library houses diverse learning and research materials in both print and digital formats.
i.    Print Books
The Library provides access to print books which cover all the subjects. Note that these books are in three sequences based on their heights:
a)    Octavos (the bulk of the stock up to    27 cm (11”)
b)    Quartos, over 27 cm (11”) and up to    33cm (13”)
with the location symbol QTO
c)    Folio over 33 cm (13”) with the location symbol FOL
ii.    Reference Resources
The Library provides access to major reference resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, handbooks, directories and University calendars in print and electronic formats. Print reference materials have the location symbol REF, which may be read only in the reading area near this collection.
iii.    Newspapers and Periodicals
The Library provides access to a number of current Tanzania daily and weekly newspapers for use by readers in the newly- established newspapers area. Only current issues are available in the Reference Section, as back issues are available in the East Africana Section. Other types of periodicals such as journals and magazines are available in their respective subject collections.
iv.    Digital materials
The Library provides access to a range of electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals, e-databases, OPAC, CD-ROMs, etc., both online and stand-alone modes covering diverse subject areas. These resources include local content, free online and University Library subscribed to databases. Users can access online resources such as e-books, e-journals, and e-databases to anywhere on the University campuses using University Internet/Wi-Fi. They can also access local content and free online resources wherever they are connected to the Internet. Users can access both online and stand-alone resources such as CD-ROMs in the digital section of the Reference Section.
v.    Pamphlets
The Library provides access to pamphlets that are shelved separately at the end of the book sequences, with the prefix PAM. An exception to this arrangement occurs when pamphlets in the Bibliography section of class Z are interfiled with the books.
vi.    Reprints
The Library provides access to reprints which are made available in the general collections (with location symbol REP) for non-East African materials and East Africana Collection (with location symbol EAF.REP) for East African materials.
vii.    Microforms
Microfilms, micro-cards and other forms of micro reproduction can be accessed using machine readers upon request in the East Africana Section. Content lists on the films, which contain many different works or series are also kept in the
East Africana section.
viii.    Government Publications
Official publications are catalogued and shelved with other classified sequences of books, pamphlets and periodicals. Users are advised to consult library catalogues and register for official publications to retrieve publications.
ix.    United Nations Documents
United Nations (UN) documents comprise those issued by the UN General Assembly, Security Council, Regional Commissions and agencies including UNESCO, UNCTAD, WHO, UNEP, FAO, UNIDO, ILO, etc. Access to UN indexed documents is provided including via UN online databases.
x.    Maps
Users can access maps mostly from various Government Survey Departments in the East Africana collection. They can also locate atlases in both East Africana and Reference Sections and gazetteers in the Reference section only.
xi.    Theses and Dissertations
Users can access unpublished theses/dissertations in print and some in CD-ROMs formats in the East Africana collection. These include theses from the University, former sister colleges of the University of East Africa and other universities. The theses are shelved separately and bear the prefix THS. EAF.