Library Rules and Regulations


User admission and use of library resources is conditional upon the strict observance of the following rules and regulations:
i.    Users should show their valid identity cards at the library entry points
ii.    Silence must be observed in the library. A user must set his/ her mobile phone/s in silent mode while in the library.
iii.    Users are not permitted to bring all types of drinks in the library.
iv.    No foodstuff may be brought into the Library.

Personal Safety
i.    Users are not allowed to leave their personal belongings such as note-books and computers on tables unattended otherwise the library staff shall remove them to allow for use of the table by other users.
ii.    Library shall not be responsible for the safety of any personal property left unattended to within the library.
iii.    Library staff at the check points shall ensure a user show all his/ her books on leaving the library as a precaution against illegal removal of books. In this regard, borrowers are asked to give library staff their full co-operation.
iv.    Coats, bags, parcels, etc. must be left in the area assigned for them in the entrance lobby and must not be brought into the library.

Destruction of Library Materials
i.    Users shall be held responsible for any damage to books while in their charge and shall be required to pay the full value of such books in case of damage.
ii.    The marking of books shall be regarded as damage and the person responsible will be required to pay the cost of replacement.
iii.    If a person is found guilty of mutilating library property, he/ she shall be rusticated for three months in the case of students. provided that those three months are within semester time and he/she permanently is dismissed for a second offence.
iv.    In the case of the culprit being a member of staff, appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her in accordance with the terms and conditions of service.

Behavior and Dressing in the Library
i.    Users must dress and behave in a manner that will not cause neither offence nor distract readers business.
ii.    Smoking is not permitted in the Library
iii.    The use of matches or open fire in any part of the    Library    is
strictly prohibited for safety reasons
iv.    Users are requested not to re-shelve materials taken from the
shelves for reading. The materials should be placed    on tables
or trolleys ready to be re-shelved by library staff.

The Director of the University Library reserves the right, subject to the approval of the Library Board to exclude from all use of the Library any person owing to persistent disregard of the Library Rules and Regulations or for any other adequate cause. Suspension of user defaulters shall be effective until such time the University’s Disciplinary Committee will have determined their cases.