Faculty of Science Academic-Postgraduate Studies

The Faculty of Science offers courses leading to an award of Master of Science with Education (M.Sc. (Ed.)) degree, which is obtainable after two years of study and research. Currently, the faculty offers M. Sc. (Ed) in the following streams:

  • (M.Sc. (Ed.)) Biology Stream
  • (M.Sc. (Ed.)) Chemistry Stream
  • (M.Sc. (Ed.)) Mathematics Stream

In the near future the Physics stream will be offered. Furthermore, the Faculty of Science is in the final stages of launching two new master programmes namely Master of Science in Environmental Biology and Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry.

Regulations Governing the Award of M.Sc. (Ed) Degree

The M.Sc.(Ed.) is a taught programme comprising of course-work and dissertation and the duration is twenty four months (2 years) for full-time students and thirty six months (3 years) for part-time students. Coursework will run over a period of two semesters of 15 teaching weeks each, with final examination at the end of each semester. The second year shall be devoted to research and writing of the dissertation. During the second semester of the first year, students will be required to develop research proposals detailing the theoretical background and methodology, as a preparation for research and dissertation work in the second year. Each M. Sc. (Ed) student shall register for courses totaling 60 credits (Minimum) per semester and 120 credits per academic year. A minimum of 180 credits must be passed for an award of M.Sc. (Ed.) degree in a two years which include 120 credits of taught courses and 60 credits of dissertation. Passing a course shall mean scoring a B grade or higher.

General Regulations

  1. All students admitted to M. Sc. (Ed) programme shall do all the core courses in the particular stream.
  2. In addition to core courses required a student has to choose some elective coursesto meet the minimum credits required before graduation.
  3. In the second year of study each student shall be required to conduct a research and write the dissertation after accomplishing the assessment of all taught courses.

How to Apply
Applicants are required to complete all stages as shown in the guidelines for Online Application.  Click Here to access the application link. Applicants should remember to select an appropriate programme for DUCE as the similar programme may also be offered in other Colleges of the University of Dar es Salaam.