DUCE Women celebrated the International Women’s day in three consecutive days, from 6th to 8th March 2023. Initially, they celebrated the event with other women from Temeke municipality. In the second place, the team celebrated at the College campus, and finally members celebrated at Mnazi Mmoja grounds.

As the World marks the 2023 International Womens’s day, the United nations (UN) and women are celebrating this memorable day under the theme “innovation and technological development for gender equality” in a bid to ensure that both men and women share and utilize equal opportunities which are made available by the developed digitization.

The College Principal, Prof. Stephen Oswald Maluka, was pleased to officiate the day at College level. He said gender equality is carefully adhered to at the college, since women and men get equal opportunities in leadership, scholarships, and even in employment opportunities. Speaking on gender based violence (GBV), Prof. Maluka said, victims of GBV at DUCE have been urged not to remain mum but report such cases to relevant authorities within the campus for immediate action.


Presenting a dialogue on “Home-work life balance, stress and time management”, the Deputy Principal (ARC), Dr. Christina Raphael appreciated the contribution of women staff in different administrative and academic units. She further remarked that innovation and increased technology have helped women in solving the prevailing challenges in education, agriculture, industrial sector, and all working environments.

The climax of celebrations was on 8th March 2022, where women across Dar es Salaam met at Mnazimmoja grounds, and shared various opportunities while being empowered morally and materially.