It was a great honor for DUCE to host the Principal Investigator of the Gender Awareness and Transformation through Education (GATE) project, Prof. Susan Murphy from Trinity College Dublin-Ireland. Prof. Murphy visited DUCE on 25th July 2022 for a working session of executing some activities of the project.

Speaking during a brief meeting, Prof. Murphy said the project team is expecting to meet with the Irish Aid-Ireland Embassy in Tanzania to discuss the progress of the project.  

The Principal Investigator of GATE project in Tanzania, Dr. Perpetua Urio said it has been an overarching ambition of establishing a gender research center within DUCE. The center will provide gender expertise in research and teaching to the College.

The Head of College Diversity Unit, Dr. Ikupa Moses acknowledged the financial support given by Irish Aid-Ireland for facilitating training, workshops and office supplies. She further requested for more support while the establishment of Gender Research Center is in progress.

In response, the College Principal, Prof. Stephen Maluka agreed that the two institutions can strategically expand their cooperation and work more closely on staff development, publications, joint research, resource sharing and capacity building. He further said that the end of phase one should be the beginning of another bigger one.

…This is a crucial step since gender issues are cross-cutting and interdisciplinary in nature. Gender Unit has to move to Gender research center where many people can engage in research projects, dialogues and discussions… He emphasized.

GATE is a joint project between Trinity College Dublin-Ireland and DUCE funded by the Irish Government via the Irish Aid. DUCE and Trinity College Dublin have a partnership programme signed in 2019. The two institutions agreed to collaborate in gender issues, staff development and student exchange programmes.