Dear All,


As the Dean already informed you, the School has prepared an event that we have titled 'Dean's Day' to be held on Friday, 27th May 2022, at the New Library Conference Hall from 1400 hours. The event is meant to bring together all students under the LLB and BALE programmes, the office of the Dean UDSoL, UDSoL's staff members both Academic and Administrative, office of the Dean of Students, UDSM Medical Officer Incharge, Gender Institute, Gender Desk, and Auxiliary Police. The main objective of Dean’s Day is to create a very much needed platform for students, lecturers and University Service providers to discuss and resolve key academic and social issues to ensure effective and efficient outcomes in all areas concerned. We found that Dean's Day may afford us a pertinent forum for addressing  pressing matters that have been raised by students and members of staff. One of the targeted outcomes of this event is improved academic performance of our students, something that we are currently very eager to achieve.


There have been complains about the ever decreasing quality in the product of our beloved School from the view point of, among others, employers and academic institutions that offer postgraduate programmes in which our students later endeavour to take part in. These longstanding complains, combined with the ones we, the staff at UDSoL, and students have recently raised prodded us to think of Dean's Day. The theme of the event is ‘The making of the 21st Century Lawyer’. In essence, the theme reflects the processes, social and academic, that a law student goes through while at the Mlimani Campus. These processes, that are overseen by the University service providers, shape students’ lives and the outcomes of their studies. The event, therefore, aims to ensure that all parties concerned are well informed of the processes involved in the making of a 21st Century lawyer here at the Mlimani Campus. The discussion on the processes will assist in identifying problems and tailoring solutions together, which can be the first step towards our goal to have an end product with the quality we want.


Kindly find the programme for the event in the attachment. Do make a point not to miss!


With best regards


Florencia E. Kimario, (Dr. jur.)

Lecturer and Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies

University of Dar es Salaam School of Law

P.O. Box 35093

Dar es Salaam


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